Garrett Kelleher is well known in Ireland and in the United States for his real estate entrepreneurship

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Garrett Kelleher is not a newcomer to the industry of real estate investment. He is well known in Ireland and in the United States for his real estate entrepreneurship, which spans over two decades. Over the last twenty years he has been able to learn a good deal about the real estate investment industry. In Ireland today, Garrett Kelleher’s name is synonymous with property entrepreneurship.

Garrett Kelleher is not just a real estate entrepreneur, though. He is an accomplished businessman in every sense. He has run a number of businesses in the past and continues to have business holdings in a number of different countries, including in Ireland, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

One of Garrett Kelleher’s most well known ventures is headquartered in Ireland, but was actually founded in the United States. The Shelbourne Development Group was founded by Garrett Kelleher in the mid 1980s in order to help him with loft conversions in the Chicago metropolitan area. Today, the Shelbourne Development Group is a player in the international real estate investment market. This company has projects in the United States, Ireland, and Europe. Additionally, Garrett Kellher is the Chairman of one of the most successful soccer clubs in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Athletic Football Club in Dublin.